Bhagavad gita: Chapter 5

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When she died she went on to hell and, after having suffered for a long time, she attained the body of a female parrot.

Art of Renunciation: Bhagavad-Gita Chapter 5 by BS Murthy

One day that parrot was searching here and there for food. In the meantime the vulture, who in his previous life had been Pingala, saw the female parrot and remembering his last life and understanding that this parrot had been his wife, he attacked her with his sharp beaks. The parrot fell down into the water contained in a human skull and drowned. Just then a hunter came and shot the vulture with an arrow.

The vulture fell and his head dropped into the water of that skull and he drowned. Then the messengers of Yamaraja came and took them to the abode of death.

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At that time they became very afraid, remembering their past sinful lives. When they came in front of Yamaraja he told them, "You are now free of all sins and you may go to Vaikuntha. Yamaraja replied, "On the banks of the river Ganga lived a great devotee of Lord Vishnu by the name of Vat; he was free from lust and greed.

श्रीमद्भगवद्गीता - यथार्थ गीता - पञ्चम अध्याय - यज्ञभोक्ता महापुरुषस्थ महेश्वर

Hidden category: Subpages. The easiest way to gauge our progress towards karma yoga is to constantly monitor our state of mind. If we get agitated for long periods of time when we receive the result of our action, it is an indication that we have generated an attachment to the result, which in turn indicates that the ego is strong.

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The words used to describe both types of seekers bear closer scrutiny. In this context, yuktaha means one whose mind is yoked to the intellect.

Bhagavad Gita Chapter 5 – Verse 17 – 26

In other words, the mind is under the guidance of the intellect. It follows the direction of the mind and the senses. This difference in the orientation of the mind determines the fate of the seeker. The KarmaYogis perform actionwithout attachmentwith their body, mind, intellect, and senses only for the purification of their mind and intellect.

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The nine openings are: Two openings each for the eyes, ears, and nose; and one each for the mouth, anus, and urethra. The Lord of all beings and the universe who resides in this city along with the individual soul or the living entity Jiva is called the Spiritual Being Purusha performing and directing all action.


See also The powers of material Nature do all these. The veil of ignorance covers Self-knowledge; thereby people become deluded and do evil deeds. Bad things happen to good people to make them better.

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  7. Transcendental knowledge destroys the ignorance of the Self and reveals the Supreme Being, just as the sun reveals the beauty of objects of the world. Such a person sees God everywhere, in everything, and in every being. Everything has been accomplished in this very life by one whose mind is set in equality. Such a person has realized the Supreme Being because the Supreme Being is flawless and impartial.

    Freedom Through Inner Renunciation

    Those who do not have such a feeling discriminate. One who neither rejoices on obtaining what is pleasant nor grieves on obtaining the unpleasant, who has a steady mind, who is undeluded, and who is a knower of the Supreme Beingsuch a person eternally abides with the Supreme Being.

    One who is able to withstand the impulses of lust and anger before death is a yogi and a happy person. When the cosmic currentsflowing through Nadis in the astral spinal cordare separated by the opening of the main Sushumna Nadi by the practice of yogic techniques, breath flows through both nostrils with equal pressure; the mind calms down; and the field is prepared for deep meditation leading to trance. One attains everlasting peace by knowing Me, the Supreme Being, as the enjoyer of sacrifices and austerities, as the great Lord of the entire universe, and as the friend of all beings.

    Bhagavad Gita Teachings.

    Bhagavad gita: Chapter 5 Bhagavad gita: Chapter 5
    Bhagavad gita: Chapter 5 Bhagavad gita: Chapter 5
    Bhagavad gita: Chapter 5 Bhagavad gita: Chapter 5
    Bhagavad gita: Chapter 5 Bhagavad gita: Chapter 5
    Bhagavad gita: Chapter 5 Bhagavad gita: Chapter 5

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