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That may be true, but if you include undeveloped characters from the ballad tradition, then Lee Brown clears the bar too. When I read that, I had to have the recording. Here is a YouTube link to the former. So let me say first — thanks for reading folks! I hope to catch you later for Parts Two and Three. It was late last night when I was on my rounds. I met a curly headed baby, and I smacked her down. I would have killed her man, but he was on the opposite side.

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It was easy for him to hide. I went on home, went to bed. Pressed a thirty-two twenty up under my head. When I went to bed, I went there mad. I woke up that morning with the rising of the sun, killed that curly headed baby, boy, and away I run.

Little Sadie

But the way I was running, I was running too slow. The high sheriff overtook me in a day or so. Overtook me in the bottoms of Jericho, riding in a rubber tired hack. I throwed out my thirty-two twenty. You can turn your pony around, high sheriff, and you start galloping on back.

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I was standing on the corner a day or so later. Up popped that same high sheriff. I looked over his shoulder.

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  • There stood Detective Bill. You can tell the judge the rest. You never have worked, and you never will. I never have lived up on that hill. But my name is Jesse Lee. He read it down the line.

    You know what it say? You that black rascal that shot that curly headed baby down. I thought about that curly headed baby I done slaughtered up.

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    • Carried me back in Jericho City and throwed me behind the bars. Early the next morning, half past nine, I heard that mean old jailer when he was marching down the line, Rattling his keys and his big foot butting against the floor.

      LITTLE SADIE [Laws I8]

      When he got next to my cell, he cleared up his throat. Every Day! This lesson shows two different approaches. The first uses a strumming technique and is played using first position chords. It is then fingerpicked using an alternating bass and going up an octave.

      Little Sadie Little Sadie
      Little Sadie Little Sadie
      Little Sadie Little Sadie
      Little Sadie Little Sadie
      Little Sadie Little Sadie
      Little Sadie Little Sadie
      Little Sadie Little Sadie
      Little Sadie Little Sadie
      Little Sadie Little Sadie

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