Reality, Spontaneity, and Liberation

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If you are free from personality, you are free no matter what the state is. In the state of liberation the content of experience becomes unimportant. It is very ordinary. Nothing specific happens, no huge realization or mind shattering experience.

Eric Anderson

It is the most natural state. It is so ordinary and so natural that when we have it, we don't know we have it. It is so uneventful that almost everyone goes in and out of it frequently. The process of liberation of the soul frees her from many issues and barriers. These are the forms external orientation takes.

Refining Our Perception of Reality

This includes schizoid defenses. These are the central spiritual barriers usually identified by the various wisdom traditions. In Facets of Unity, we discriminate this fundamental barrier into nine fundamental delusions about Reality. Liberation, then, is not the attainment of a static state or ground. It is rather the freedom of the soul to fully engage in autopoiesis, that is, to reach the flexibility and impressionability, combined with mature autonomy, that allow her to be transparent to the fullness of her potential, in a dynamic responsiveness to her environment.

Her self-renewal becomes a continuous dynamic morphogenic process, where she constantly and spontaneously restructures herself, expressing the richness of her potential in attunement with the demands and needs of her environment. Throughout life it comes and goes, for some people more often than others.

Liberation as a Correlate of Religiosity: a Christian–Muslim Perspective on Fundamental Trust

It is a state of release, but without conscious feeling of release; everything is loose. This condition of freedom is not like liberation from some particular oppression; it is the raw state of liberation itself, so liberating that it doesn't matter what your experience is. You don't care what you're experiencing. Your heart is open and your mind doesn't fixate on preconceived ideas or worry about imagined possibilities.

You're completely accepting without thinking or feeling that you're accepting. Essence will be there freely in whatever way your being needs at the moment, but still the Presence of Essence is not your focus, it's just who you are, what is present in your experience now.

Understanding is our natural, inherent faculty. When we forget all methods and techniques, when we just rest and be, only our own recognition of what is true is left. From this place, when we recognize our true nature, we understand who and what we are. And when we are convinced—with certainty and without question—that this truth is really our nature, then we change.

So liberation is actually a change of mind. At some point, we change our mind about what reality is in a very fundamental way. The Diamond Guidance is the faculty in our soul that makes it possible for our inquiry to arrive at understanding. And together, all the elements of the Diamond Guidance make it possible for our inquiry to become precise enough to arrive at objective understanding. To move toward renewal, the soul must recognize and respect her dissipative nature, and allow the process of autopoiesis to resume, or to resume more fully.

This becomes the process of inner work, in which older structures are made transparent, dissolve, and allow for new structures of experience to emerge in a way that integrates the learning of the old structures. This is a metabolic process where the conscious medium of the soul is liberated from its rigid structuring, and develops by becoming increasingly structured by her essential nature and qualities.

This process leads to realization and liberation, which is the regaining of the full autopoietic function of the self-organizing principle of the soul. We have seen that in a fundamental way, experience is basic knowledge, which is the expression of the innate discriminating wisdom of Being. We have also learned that we can be aware of this innate discriminating wisdom of Being in a distorted way or a pure way.

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  • When our awareness is distorted, we live inside ordinary experience. When it is pure—liberated from ordinary knowledge—we experience the discriminating wisdom of basic knowledge as a display of luminosity and presence. But for most of us, most of the time, basic knowledge is determined and distorted by our ordinary knowledge. As human beings, we naturally want to free basic knowledge, for this means freeing our experience. That is our liberation.

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    Freeing basic knowledge means freeing Being to manifest itself in whatever form its intelligence guides it to. Our Being is then spontaneous, free, and truly responsive to the particular situation instead of being held captive by the demands of our past, especially the constraints imposed by our conditioning.

    Our liberation is a matter of releasing basic knowledge from the distorting and limiting influence of ordinary knowledge, so that experience becomes the pure, direct display of the discriminating wisdom. When awakening experiences arise, most of us think that they do so because of our practices and what we do, because of our intelligence and understanding, because of our sincerity and diligence. Although there is some truth to this view, the shadow of arrogance persists in it. Reality is not designed for individual human beings to liberate themselves. Reality is designed for true nature to manifest itself in a way that human beings call liberation.

    Reality is always realizing itself, always living itself, always manifesting itself in one way or another.

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    We can think of the ego view as deluded—and it is deluded. Nonetheless, that is one way that reality shows itself. Reality sometimes presents itself by deluding itself in a certain way. It can also reveal other possibilities by liberating itself from those delusions and showing itself without those delusions.

    Reality, Spontaneity, and Liberation Reality, Spontaneity, and Liberation
    Reality, Spontaneity, and Liberation Reality, Spontaneity, and Liberation
    Reality, Spontaneity, and Liberation Reality, Spontaneity, and Liberation
    Reality, Spontaneity, and Liberation Reality, Spontaneity, and Liberation
    Reality, Spontaneity, and Liberation Reality, Spontaneity, and Liberation
    Reality, Spontaneity, and Liberation Reality, Spontaneity, and Liberation
    Reality, Spontaneity, and Liberation Reality, Spontaneity, and Liberation
    Reality, Spontaneity, and Liberation Reality, Spontaneity, and Liberation

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