Red flags of Financial Frauds: Compilation for the Auditors (Academic Books Book 1)

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Hermerding January 26, 2. Richard C. He has over 25 years of experience providing accounting and consulting services. He has a broad range of experience and education in many aspects of accounting, auditing and financial management.

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Richard has served as a Expert Witness. Gary D. Steve Albrecht, Fraud Examination 4. These findings also indicated that not only is fraud widespread, but it is growing, and it is Global. So what do you do now? How can Forensic Accounting help? What is Forensic Accounting. What should be reviewed? What should you look for? What are some common fraud schemes? What are the warning signs? What are basic fraud prevention procedures? What is the best way for management to be involved? Do you need to hire an outside expert?

Seven Forensic Investigative Techniques1. Public Document Review and Background Investigation2. Interviews of Knowledgeable Persons3. Confidential Sources4. Laboratory Analysis of Physical and Electronic Evidence5. Physical and Electronic Surveillance6. Undercover Operations7. Analysis of Financial Transactions 7.

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What is Fraud? No definite and invariable rule can be laid down as a general proposition in defining fraud, as it includes, surprise, trickery, cunning, and unfair ways by which another is cheated. The only boundaries defining it are those which limit human knavery. Who was most often theperpetrator of the Fraud? ABC Historical Balance Sheets ASSETSCash 7,, 9,, 10,, 10,, 9,, 9,, 9,,AccountsReceivable 3,, 3,, 3,, 4,, 5,, 4,, 4,,Inventory 20,, 21,, 22,, 23,, 25,, 27,, 30,,Other CurrentAssets 1,, 2,, 2,, 2,, 2,, 2,, 3,, Total CurrentAssets 33,, 35,, 38,, 40,, 43,, 44,, 48,,Fixed Assets 78,, 82,, 79,, 69,, 70,, 79,, 83,,Net Intangible 8,, 8,, 8,, 13,, 19,, 24,, 30,,Other NonCurrent Assets 9,, 8,, 8,, 12,, 15,, 15,, 16,,Non-OperatingAssets - - - 7,, 7,, 7,, 7,, Total Assets ,, ,, ,, ,, ,, ,, ,, Example of Fictitious RevenuesIn one case, a foreign subsidiary of a U.

They invoiced the sales but did not collect any of theaccounts receivable, which became severely past due. Airplane Arrangements. Other Arrangements. This Summary and Conclusions section highlights important parts of the Report and sets out our conclusions. From until , WorldCom suffered one of the largest public company accounting frauds in history. Rather, the fraud occurred as a result of knowing misconduct directed by a few senior executives centered in its Clinton, Mississippi headquarters, and implemented by personnel in its financial and accounting departments in several locations.

Ebbers, ran the Company.

Though much of this Report details the implementation of the fraud by others, he was the source of the culture, as well as much of the pressure, that gave birth to this fraud. The setting in which it occurred was marked by a serious corporate governance failure. On June 25, , WorldCom announced that it intended to restate its financial statements for and the first quarter of Less than one month later, WorldCom and substantially all of its active U.

WorldCom, Inc. On July 3, the Honorable Jed S. This Committee was established by the Board of Directors on July 21, The Board directed us to conduct a full and independent investigation of the accounting irregularities that gave rise to the announced intention to restate, and such other matters as we concluded should be considered, without any limitations. The members of the Committee were new to the Board of WorldCom at that time.

Neither we nor our counsel had any relationship with WorldCom or its.

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We were unable to conduct interviews of Bernard J. Ebbers, Scott D. Sullivan, David F.

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We were able to interview Betty L. Vinson and Troy M. Normand only with respect to accounting processes and procedures.

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As a result, in many cases our information is incomplete and, in particular, we do not know the full extent to which Ebbers or Sullivan directed or knew of actions we attribute to others. Through time-consuming review, along with examination of millions of pages of other documents and electronic files, we believe we have been able to understand the events in question. There are questions relating to WorldCom that our investigation has not addressed. We have coordinated our investigation with that of Richard Thornburgh, the Examiner appointed by the U.

While our investigation has proceeded, WorldCom has taken action to remake itself. Under the supervision of Judge Rakoff and Mr. Breeden, WorldCom has adopted new practices designed to address both the conduct described in this Report and the culture that permitted that conduct to occur. WorldCom now has an entirely new Board of Directors and a new Chief Executive Officer, none of whom was at the Company when these events occurred. The Company no longer employs the people whose culpable conduct was principally responsible for the events described below. Summary of Findings.

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Ebbers, was growth through acquisitions. The currency for much of that strategy was WorldCom stock, and the success of the strategy depended on a consistently increasing stock price. WorldCom pursued scores of increasingly large acquisitions. Ebbers directed significant energy to building and protecting his own personal financial empire, with little attention to the risks these distractions and financial obligations placed on the Company that was making him one of the highest paid executives in the country.

And it was shortly after he left that it was discovered and disclosed. As business operations fell further and further short of financial targets announced by Ebbers, Sullivan directed the making of accounting entries that had no basis in generally accepted accounting principles in order to create the false appearance that WorldCom had achieved those targets. This was easily accomplished, because it was apparently considered acceptable for the General Accounting group to make entries of hundreds of millions of dollars with little or no documentation beyond a verbal or an e-mail directive from senior personnel.

There is clear evidence that Ebbers was aware of certain practices Sullivan and Myers used to inflate reported revenues. Moreover, after the capitalization of line costs had been discovered, Sullivan said that Ebbers had known of it; however, we do not have direct evidence. Since we were unable to interview these three individuals, we have not heard their side of this story.

Awareness of this financial fraud was not confined to just two or three people. Others at WorldCom either knew or suspected that senior financial management was engaged in improper accounting. These included not only people in the General Accounting group generally located at the Clinton, Mississippi corporate headquarters who ordered or implemented the entries, but people in other financial reporting and accounting groups whose responsibilities were affected by them.

Employees in several such groups suggested, made or knew of entries that were not supportable, or prepared reports that were false or misleading as a consequence. Remarkably, these employees frequently did not raise any objections despite their awareness or suspicions that the accounting was wrong, and simply followed directions or even enlisted the assistance of others. Some of them complained to their supervisors or, in a handful of cases, refused to take actions they considered inappropriate.

However, none took effective action to try to halt or expose these practices until the Spring of Employees in the financial and accounting groups believed that forcefully objecting to conduct that they knew was being directed by Sullivan would cost them their jobs; few of them were prepared to take that risk. The Board of Directors does not appear to have known of the fraud, nor did it receive information we believe should have put it on notice.

Red flags of Financial Frauds: Compilation for the Auditors (Academic Books Book 1)
Red flags of Financial Frauds: Compilation for the Auditors (Academic Books Book 1)
Red flags of Financial Frauds: Compilation for the Auditors (Academic Books Book 1)
Red flags of Financial Frauds: Compilation for the Auditors (Academic Books Book 1)
Red flags of Financial Frauds: Compilation for the Auditors (Academic Books Book 1)

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