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All of our content is available on the app. Come watch or listen on demand. Learn More. Watch Series. Learn more. Download the app On the run? Keep me informed about other events at The Porch! Aside from his normal reviews which are superlative-laden, as you noted, this "comparison" has its own special Ken-ness Everything's written in clickbait-y language. In order to understand Ken's language, you have to understand that most people do not read reviews or comparisons to make buying decisions.

This holds for cameras, lenses, guns, cars, et cetera. If you bought one or another of those cameras, the review will convince you that you probably made the right choice and the other camera is ate up with fatal flaws. Most was woefully underexposed Labels: Automotif , pickcher takin' , Zoom zoom.

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I mean, it's true Labels: Boomsticks , politics , teh intarw3bz. Rannie update The vet's office called with her blood work results today. Her kidney function was no worse and apparently her pancreas is showing its age a bit, but nothing alarming. Abdominal ultrasound will be scheduled for this week. Labels: cats , worry. It's the only play in the book The Debates: Government does horrible, sexist, racist, oppressive things and doesn't share the wealth equitably. Also the Debates: So what we need to do is to give it a lot more power. Labels: Bad Ideas , politics , snark.


The Thousand Dollar Book Mas wrote a book back in the Eighties, The Truth About Self Protection , that was a wide-ranging overview on the topic. Rather than a gun-fondling manual comparing foot-pounds and magazine capacities, it was full of practical lifestyle advice, from mindset tips to comparisons of deadbolt brands. I mean, there was some gun stuff, too, but it wasn't the majority of the book.

However, he suggested that I look into this newer book, as it was something of a spiritual successor to the old work. Best of all, he had corralle Having shelled out my own hard-earned coin to learn from some of these folks, I can attest to the worth of the material. Friday, June 28, Poor Old Cat.

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Rannie has had kidney issues for a while now. I'd hoped that last Friday's horrible nighttime vomiting incident was just the occasional normal bout of cat horking triggered by a combination of a hairball and overindulging at the water dish or food bowl, but she seemed worse over the last few days. She was barely picking at her food, not drinking regularly, and seemed to be having a hard time pooping.

This was pretty similar to the situation that had her taken to the vet in January. During January's vet visit, the doc explained this was a likely consequence of a flare-up of her kidney issues. They gave her subcutaneous fluids and sent her home with a prescription for Miralax and Gabapentin.


So, this morning it was off to the vet again for Miss Wu. She was poked and prodded and palpated. The vet said that her colon didn't feel full, but there was something she was feeling up in her intestines that the vet didn't like the feel of. At all. An ultrasound was scheduled for early next week and subcutaneous fluids were administered, but I know the sound of a vet who's hinting that I'm not going to like the results of the ultrasound, yet trying to not sound too negative until she's sure. When she got home, Rannie perked up a bit from the fluids, and was cuddly and affectionate for a bit, before heading to the futon to curl up on a quilt.

We'll see how she does with dinner here in a bit.

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View From the Porch View From the Porch
View From the Porch View From the Porch
View From the Porch View From the Porch
View From the Porch View From the Porch
View From the Porch View From the Porch
View From the Porch View From the Porch

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