Vite da ridefinire (Italian Edition)

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Language, Reason and Education. Bern, Peter Lang, Cottier B. Internet au travail. Schulthess, Cucco M. Carocci, Roma, Dagnino G. Palgrave Macmillan, Regany F. The technology that will support the EAGLE project is state-of-the-art and tailored to provide the user with the best and most intuitive possible experience. Our services will include a mobile application, enabling tourists to understand inscriptions they find on location by scanning with a smartphone, and a story-telling application that will allow teachers and experts to assemble epigraphy-based narratives.

A multilingual Wiki will be set up for the enrichment and enhancement of epigraphic images and texts, which will provide a basis for future translations of inscriptions into other European languages. The results of the EAGLE project will be disseminated as widely as possible, both within the scholarly community and within the public at large. To this end, EAGLE will publish its own Wikimedia Commons, and will also develop an inscription-themed documentary with a related teaser video.

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EAGLE will work within the Europeana, and with its sister projects, to ensure full and effective integration within this flagship project to make European culture globally available. The challenge that SIforREF addresses is combating the risk of marginalization of refugees after the reception phases which are different in the various central European Countries. The change that SIforREF intends to produce is the following: we expect that refugee integration is included in the decisional agenda both at local and transnational level.

Moreover, we expect that through this project policy-makers and stakeholders engage in virtuous governance in order that innovative and inclusive measures become mainstream. The main outputs of the projects are: tools for evaluating and designing social innovative practices and improving the social innovation capacity of policies; pilots of these tools 7 and a regional and transnational strategy. The complexity of this issue require a mutual learning among central European regions, especially neighbourhood regions like those involved in the project.

SIforREF conveys innovation because it tackles an issue refugee integration which is poorly addressed by official policies, despite attached problems are evident, and because it aims not only at exchanging good practices, but intends to jointly design and implement methodologies for integrating refugees that draw from the social innovation approach. The main project activities are being focused on testing innovative educational tools for raising awareness of tourists and youth population of local communities in coastal areas, and supporting strategies for ML monitoring in a participative approach involving the fishing communities.

The DFG activities selected to be capitalized in this project are specifically: a the Fishing for Litter FfL , based on the principle of removal and correct disposal of ML recovered during fishing activities; b the monitoring of abandoned, lost or discarded fishing gear ALDFG and ML on the sea floor; c the dissemination of available information about ML and d evaluation of plastic debris ageing, degradation and potential generation of microplastics.

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The experience gained by partners in DFG will be specifically spent to spread further the implementation of good FfL practices in the fishery sector, increasing the number of boats and ports involved in this activity in Italy and Croatia. World-over, it is the most relevant fishery segment, deeply rooted in local traditions, adapted to the environment through coevolution, and inherently sustainable. The common challenge it faces, proven also through previous CB projects e. ArtFishMed is a lack of competitiveness in comparison with other fleets e.

Due to the common characteristics of SSF throughout the Area, and to the fact that it exploits natural resources shared and freely moving between the waters of the two Countries, it is a challenge that calls for a cross-border cooperation approach. The general objective of the Project is to strengthen the Small-Scale Fishery role in the GSA 17 in the near future, by fostering their potential for innovation within the Blue Growth context. Exploiting the great adaptability of SSF, the Project will promote its assumption as a paradigm for the implementation of integrated management strategies, through an Ecosystem-Based Approach.

The project will involve all the actors responsible for the management of the coastal area with a bottom-up approach; strategies to mitigate risk and exploit opportunities will be identified in cooperation with stakeholders, and will serve to strengthen the scientific advice, to improve medium term planning and the policy making process. The outputs of the project will be: - A comprehensive body of knowledge on the current state of SSF in GSA17 to drive policy-makers and operators, and to give scientific soundness to the project itself; - Market and product innovation for the SSF sector, based on knowledge-transfer, cocreation, resilience and sustainability; this will benefit also the coastal environment and consumers; - Management innovation in the SSF sector, by both empowering its self-management capabilities and streamlining regulations; this will benefit also environmental resources and other users of same coastal areas.

The Adriatic sea calls for cross border actions in the field of preservation of ecosystem and biodiversity, one of the main territorial challenges.

The whole area is under the influence of climate change and pollution that requires for joint, systemic and integrated management of coastal and marine resources that could be enhanced only adopting a cross-border approach. Challenges related to the health and function of the marine ecosystem needs an innovative integration of ecological and oceanographic research with conservation programmes, across a wide range of temporal and spatial scales, linking and integrating the coastal and the offshore areas. A collaborative effort at transnational level is necessary to align the present ocean observing capacities, foster sustainability of marine-related policies, narrow existing technological gaps and sustain the training of the new generation of marine scientists and operators.

Building on the facilities, infrastructures and long term ecological data existing in the Programme area and developing specific case studies, ECOSS will enhance the marine observational capacities for improving the conservation status and the expansion of the marine component of Natura network. The synergies and feedbacks among the main conservation management questions, ecological variables and key oceanographic processes will be assessed, basing on the connectivity among habitats and species in coastal and offshore waters. ECOSS will activate, develop and stabilize a process of Public Engagement so that all the societal actors researchers, citizens, policy makers, business, third sector organisations, etc.

ECOSS will develop, building on the existing ICT facilities, a robust data management infrastructure, following the principles of open science, facilitating access to the results and maximizing the re-use and the transferability of project outputs. ECOSS will realize a permanent and stable partnership among different actors in the science-society-policy context, thus producing a real joint management of ecosystem, biodiversity, services and resources that will be crucial for identifying and addressing environmental problems and proper adaptive solutions.

AlpES will: 1. Project The project created an open environment for the development of applications and services based on digital cultural content. The use of this environment will be fostered by a vigorous, wide-ranging and sustainable programme of promotion, dissemination and replication of the Best Practices developed within the project, and the extensive resources and networks of the Europeana Space consortium will be maintaned in the framework of a Memorandum of Understanding also beyond the end of the EC funding period. As nations and the EU are making considerable investments in technologies, infrastructures and standards for all aspects of working with archaeological knowledge, critical understanding of how this knowledge is produced and used remains fragmentary.

This COST Action will overcome this fragmentation by forming a transdisciplinary network that brings together the knowledge from individual research projects, national initiatives and EU projects e. This Action is an acute priority and prerequisite for ensuring the expected benefits of the large-scale investments in the cultural heritage sector. The better coordination of current fragmented efforts to study archaeological practices, knowledge production and use, social impact and industrial potential of archaeological knowledge will 1 strengthen and consolidate the current state of the art, as represented in leading research in the field, on the making and emergence of archaeological knowledge and its application for societal benefit, and 2 provide a basis for guidance to diverse stakeholders responsible for making, regulating, preserving, managing and using archaeological knowledge including field archaeologists, museum professionals, heritage administrators, researchers, policymakers, cultural industry and the public.

This Action will define and develop an emerging research field that explores the relationships among voluntary associations, families and states in the creation of social welfare in Europe. It focuses on the question of how state welfare emerged from the social welfare provided by non-profit, non-state institutions and individuals; how it has developed and changed over time; and how, in recent years, it has entered into crisis in many countries.

The Action, which is at once local and transnational, will bring together researchers and policy makers throughout Europe in a collaborative exchange. This will give us a much deeper and richer story about social protection in Europe than is currently available.

Bisogna ridefinire lo sviluppo sostenibile

By analyzing the long-term development of welfare within a triadic optic that examines the interactions among families, voluntary welfare associations and states in the creation of social welfare, the Action has the potential to radically shift dominant paradigms in the field of welfare studies. The Action will contribute to welfare policy development and debate by offering a historical perspective on current problems and debates and the principles and premises that underpin them. La ricerca viene condotta in partnership con il dipartimento di Italian Studies della University of Toronto - Canada.

ATRA is a digital system that maps the circulation of antiquarian learning in sixteenth-century Europe. Isole Bijagos, settore di Bubaque. LIFE GOAST is a pilot project aiming to implement an eco-friendly tanning technique at preindustrial scale and that offers environmental advantages, with equal or even better technological performance, compared to current best practices and to be subsequently applied on a larger scale to similar situations throughout Italy and Europe.

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These achievements will prompt strong dissemination and communication to the companies involved in the compartment, stakeholders, and eventually their environmental policies could change. Sapere Scegliere Apprendere. Note a margine di una pedagogia dell'apprendimento. Educazione Nuova e Scuola attiva. Un variegato e controverso prisma interpretativo. Modelli, temi. In: a cura di : Liana Daher, "Migranti" di seconda generazione. Negli ultimi decenni si registra infatti, in numerosi contesti urbani, un incremento delle superfici impegnate da usi agricoli.

Nelle diverse fasi storiche si manifestano forme diverse di orti urbani per soddisfare i bisogni specifici di ciascuna epoca. Gli orti scolastici si diffondono sulla scorta di esperienze che hanno una lunga tradizione pedagogica e che mettono in evidenza la stretta correlazione tra processi di apprendimento e pratiche di cura della terra. High-latitudes are particularly interesting places to document natural climate variability since: 1 every component of the climate system interacts in these regions in a still poorly-constrained and non-linear way; 2 changes are amplified compared to low latitude environments; 3 Antarctica and its surrounding are characterized by a strong regional variability.

Existing geological records, glacial records and model experiments have highlighted differences in the evolution of the climate as a function of the area. The areas on which the European research efforts concentrated over the past decades are suited for integrating existing ice and marine records, in terms of amount and quality of collected materials.

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The project aims at conducting a multiple firn and ice drilling, at the site of GV7 located about km north of Talos Dome. The Project proposes to undertake a series of multiple core in the same site 3 core of 70 m , to reduce the signal to noise ratio providing a resolution of climate and environmental records similar to the meteorological instrument subannual in the last years and an intermediate drilling m that solves the climate signal in annual or multi-annual scale during the last yrs.

The data thus collected may be compared with historical time series of meteorological data since the early 50' and satellites since the early 70' providing information on quatitative climate variability precipitation, temperature, etc. Snow accumulation is the primary mass input to the Antarctic ice sheet and represents the most important link between the atmosphere and cryosphere.

The geochemical water stable isotopes and microphysical crystal morphology properties of solid precipitation are correlated with both the local conditions of formation, and the thermodynamical history of the moist air path from the source area to the snowfall site. The importance of tracking the present dynamical and termodynamical conditions along the air path producing precipitation is fundamental for better understanding the climate information preserved in the ice core records.

Snowfall on the Antarctic plateau is very scarce and very few direct data exist on the seasonal distribution of precipitation. This lack of information is still delaying the improvement of polar atmospheric circulation and ice-sheet models.

Vite da ridefinire (Italian Edition) Vite da ridefinire (Italian Edition)
Vite da ridefinire (Italian Edition) Vite da ridefinire (Italian Edition)
Vite da ridefinire (Italian Edition) Vite da ridefinire (Italian Edition)
Vite da ridefinire (Italian Edition) Vite da ridefinire (Italian Edition)
Vite da ridefinire (Italian Edition) Vite da ridefinire (Italian Edition)
Vite da ridefinire (Italian Edition) Vite da ridefinire (Italian Edition)
Vite da ridefinire (Italian Edition) Vite da ridefinire (Italian Edition)
Vite da ridefinire (Italian Edition) Vite da ridefinire (Italian Edition)

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